Meet Patricia Timerman Barbosa da Silva of Advocate2Create in Miami and Hollywood - Article by

Meet Patricia Timerman Barbosa da Silva of Advocate2Create in Miami and Hollywood
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"So, as you know, we’re impressed with Advocate2Create – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.Advocate2Create, A2C for short, emerged from my desire to have a platform for advocacy through psychoeducation, as I truly believe the best way to advocate is to educate and share our knowledge and resources. As A2C started to grow, so did its focus, implementing psychotherapy – being individual, family, couples, and group – and clinical evaluations for Immigrants purposes. I have two specializations, one is composing clinical evaluations and doing psychoeducational training in matters of immigration. While attending my masters at Barry University, I worked at an immigration law firm, Jacob L. Ratzan, P.A. There, I was exposed to several different immigration matters, such as VAWA, U-Visa, Asylum, T-Visa, Hardsh…

Self-Abandonment and Healthy Boundaries Series: The Power of No

Self-Abandonment and Healthy Boundaries Series: The Power of No

Under the Self-Abandonment and Healthy Boundaries Series, "The Power of No" video aims to shed light on mental and emotional oppression that exists in people's lives. The video addresses how becoming aware of and intentionally using "No" can help people break free from unhealthy cycles of self-abandonment and reclaim themselves and their place in their relationships.

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Panel

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Panel

Click on the link above to watch the Community Forum for National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month held on September 18, 2019 in Pompano Beach by the League of Women Voters.

A panel of experts discusses suicide prevention, including risk factors and warning sings, suicidal ideation, depression, and coping skills, and answered questions from the community. 

WLRN Interview on Suicide Prevention with A2C's Executive Director Patricia Timerman Barbosa da Silva and Dr. Anna Shustack

WLRN Interview on Suicide Prevention with A2C's Executive Director Patricia Timerman Barbosa da Silva and Dr. Anna Shustack

Click on the link above to listen to the interview.

Transcription from the above WLRN link:

New UF Study Finds Suicide Is Higher Among Young People Than Previously Reported By CHRIS REMINGTONSEP 23, 2019
September is suicide awareness month. Groups like the National Alliance on Mental Illness are getting the word out about resources for those in need. KATHERINE STREETER FOR NPR
According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in any given month about 4,000 Americans will commit suicide. Young people are particularly vulnerable. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people aged 10-34. A new study from the University of Florida finds that suicide rates among young people are higher than previously reported, and that suicide among young women is much higher than previously thought. 
The University of Florida researchers used a new epidemiologica…

Are You Enough?

This video by Jeanevra Peasron, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Director of Advocate2Create, is about showing that YOU ARE ENOUGH by challenging and demystified our belief that We Are Not, both in our relationship to self and to others.

In Memory of all of Those who have Died by Suicide

For anyone who is surviving a loss to suicide, we at A2C wish you much strength, wellness, and support during this time.  
Death by suicide is undiscriminating. Losing someone to suicide is an overwhelming and complex experience. 
Different from many other types of deaths, suicide leaves us questioning what caused our loved ones to take their lives. As we try to answer this question, we cannot help but to internalize the blame, feeling guilty, and thinking about what we could have done differently. This guilt usually comes in the form of “what ifs” or “if only.” Unfortunately, this is a part of the suicide grief experience of many individuals; it was definitely part of my suicide grief and of the many Survivors of Suicide whom I work with, so here are somethings that may help.
Whenever you find yourself thinking about what you believe you could have done differently had you known then what you know now, remember that you did not have this information then, and that you can only act upon …

O IAP – Intenção, Ação, e Percepção

Quantas vezes agimos com a melhor das intenções mas terminamos com desentendimento, brigas, e consequências negativas?
Este problema ou desentendimento infelizmente é muito comum em nossas vidas, mas não é impossível de resolver. Ele só requere que a gente entenda a relação entre Intenção, Ação, e Percepção, ou como a gente o-chama: O IAP. Intenção → Ação ← Percepção

I – Intenção é interna. Nossas intenções são geralmente representativas do que desejamos que aconteça. A menos que comuniquemos aos outros quais são nossas intenções, eles não podem ver/adivinhar. 
A – Nossas intenções guiam nossas ações. Diferente da intenção, a ação é externa. Ou seja, embora os outros não consigam ver nossas intenções, eles podem ver nossas ações.
P – Percepção também é interna; no entanto, é interno à pessoa que recebe ou observa as ações e não àquela que as dá. As percepções que os outros tem sobre nossas ações são baseadas nas interpretações que eles tem de tais ações.
Como funciona o IAP? Pense no conceit…